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Welcome to this website which will offer some guidance for you. This website is reviewed annually but importantly only recommends information that is recognised by specialists in the field of rheumatology. I hope this will be of some help as the vast array of websites can be a confusing and also time consuming. Web searches on subjects such as arthritis can be challenging and you may feel more confused than you were before you started!
This website has been developed to help people seeking advice about different types of arthritis by providing some basic information but importantly to direct you to reputable and recognised links to other resources and information that are professionally recognised.

The aim of this website is;

1. To help people with joint pain get some basic information about the type of joint pain they have and how to cope with their symptoms.

2. To provide guidance about the sort of care that should be provided for people who have:
Inflammatory arthritis (this includes conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis) 
Back pain 
Conditions that affects the bones (for example osteoporosis)
[pdf 91kb] Connective Tissue Diseases (for example vasculitis, systemic lupus)

3. To provide links to key organisations and professional endorsed websites for further information and advice.

4. Provide information for healthcare organisations that wish to get additional information on rheumatology and nursing or multi-disciplinary team links.

5. Guide nurses and allied healthcare professionals who would like to learn more about musculoskeletal care.


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